Baby Einstein

Baby Einstein

Good alternative to the shows that are of no benefit to our children, yet claim to be educational, like those dangerous nursery rhymes.

I haven’t yet watched a full episode of Baby Einstein, but they seem to be safe. I hope!


Latest Tricks

My Dear Son,

Ten days away from 11 months :). Alhamdulilah.

Yesterday we went to the paediatrician. It was a nice visit. You didn’t cry too much when the nurse drew your blood (probably because it was a different nurse this time and she got it right the first time), and your weight, iron and haemoglobin has all increased in one month, Alhamdulilah. Allah is certainly Most Great :).

Teething is ongoing. Those toothies are coming so quickly after each other. I’ve lost count of how many there are. It looks like there’s between 6 – 8 teeth, some not fully out yet.

Not much has changed re your shouting and crying in distress every time I have to go to the bathroom. It’s very difficult, for you and me. I can’t wait for the time to come when you’re okay being on your own.

You’ve taken more interest in your toys, especially the unconventional ones, like tins (you really make a racket with this), plastic containers, bottles and boxes. You’ve always liked playing with small boxes but now you are playing in your box house as well. You only play at length when I’m sitting nearby though.
When you were born, people told me I would soon be able to distinguish between your serious cries and your not-so-serious, more-like-nagging cries, and sometimes I think I can, but other times, like earlier today, your screams are all the same – panic-stricken and distressed. When I run to see what happened, you’re simply fighting with a plastic container, trying to get the lid on, or struggling to pick up a stubborn lid from the floor or fighting with some other stubborn, inanimate object.

You are terrified of the vacuum cleaner. The other day, I was trying to clean the place but you just wanted me to pick you up. So I picked you up and, once again, vacuumed with one hand and held you with the other. Then I had to pull out the plug of the vacuum cleaner and… knocked your face. It was a hard knock, I know because it was a hard cry, and the trick of you not crying when I laugh and cheer definitely would not have applied here. I rubbed a little Zam-zam on your face and recited salawaat and, Alhamdulilah, you were fine again. So, now, I don’t vacuum until your Dad comes home. Even when you’re sleeping it’s not possible to vacuum because the noise wakes and frightens you. So, ya, you don’t like the vacuum cleaner, but since I’ve left it in the middle of the living room I see you’re making friends with it. I’m not sure how you’ll feel when I switch it on though.

Most times you cling to me and love being in my arms, but if I dare make you do something you don’t feel like doing, uh-uh, you’re out. You literally find an opportunity to free yourself from me and flee, like when I’m dressing or undressing you, or when I’m changing your nappy, or, sometimes, when I’m making you sleep and you’d rather be on an exploration crawl. What a mission! This afternoon… It was nap time and I was trying to make you sleep but you wriggled yourself out of my warm arms and crawled off. You were just outside the room and I heard another big shout. You hurt your eye a little in an attempt to climb the bathroom door, and now you have a small, red mark near your eye. 😦 That was your worst fall but, Alhamdulilah, you didn’t cry long.  Zam-zam, salawaat and Mommy’s warm embrace and, Alhamdulilah, you were fine again.

Clearly not much has changed with you in terms of adventure and persistence, like you just had to pull the signal plug of the TV earlier, even after I had taken you away from it countless times. You broke it. Your Dad fixed it.

Still climbing over things and pulling yourself up against whatever can, or can’t, support you. What can I say, you’re a little adventurer. I just have to be more alert as everything around you calls out fun and adventure . You’re also taking assisted little steps. Your Dad helps you walk by letting you hold onto a plastic stool as he pulls it forward. You’re able to walk quite well like this and for a long time.

Your favourite thing to eat right now is plain yoghurt. I try to sneak in some pieces of banana which you don’t seem to mind much, Alhamdulilah.

MashaAllah, we’ve been told since your early clinic visits that you are indeed a very strong little boy, and, Alhamdulilah, you prove it time and time again. The other day, you actually used one hand to push the plastic table in the kitchen, where on rests the toaster, kettle and two-plate stove, along with some other small things. One hand! One small, baby hand! I was shocked. You’re not allowed to crawl in the kitchen anymore. It’s the only room that we can’t baby proof so, instead, we’ve locked it. So, unfortunately, that’s the forbidden room.

Something you haven’t really been interested in is watching TV/videos. That has changed. You are now quite intrigued with the videos we play for you from the laptop and sometimes your eyes are fixated on the TV screen.

Indeed, you do test my patience at times. Sometimes I’m convinced you’re challenging me, like when I say, “Don’t throw your food on the floor.” Of course you just have to test the waters and do it. You actually carefully move your hand over your feeding tray, while looking at me, you hold it right there when I say, “Don’t!” and then you let it go and just stare at me. Lovely.

This week you’ve been learning how to give and receive. When you’re in the mood, you do this quite well. We give you something and you hand it back when we ask for it. You’re also eager to share your food, the cutest thing, okay, one of the cutest things. You put something in your mouth, like a biscuit, for example, and then you offer it to your father and me as well, letting us all take turns eating. You had done this before, but not to this extent.

Well, that’s as much as I can remember of your latest tricks. I can hear you waking up for a midnight snack (breast milk) as I end this off…

This is what you’ve been watching lately. You love it.

With love,