Latest Tricks

My Dear Son,

Ten days away from 11 months :). Alhamdulilah.

Yesterday we went to the paediatrician. It was a nice visit. You didn’t cry too much when the nurse drew your blood (probably because it was a different nurse this time and she got it right the first time), and your weight, iron and haemoglobin has all increased in one month, Alhamdulilah. Allah is certainly Most Great :).

Teething is ongoing. Those toothies are coming so quickly after each other. I’ve lost count of how many there are. It looks like there’s between 6 – 8 teeth, some not fully out yet.

Not much has changed re your shouting and crying in distress every time I have to go to the bathroom. It’s very difficult, for you and me. I can’t wait for the time to come when you’re okay being on your own.

You’ve taken more interest in your toys, especially the unconventional ones, like tins (you really make a racket with this), plastic containers, bottles and boxes. You’ve always liked playing with small boxes but now you are playing in your box house as well. You only play at length when I’m sitting nearby though.
When you were born, people told me I would soon be able to distinguish between your serious cries and your not-so-serious, more-like-nagging cries, and sometimes I think I can, but other times, like earlier today, your screams are all the same – panic-stricken and distressed. When I run to see what happened, you’re simply fighting with a plastic container, trying to get the lid on, or struggling to pick up a stubborn lid from the floor or fighting with some other stubborn, inanimate object.

You are terrified of the vacuum cleaner. The other day, I was trying to clean the place but you just wanted me to pick you up. So I picked you up and, once again, vacuumed with one hand and held you with the other. Then I had to pull out the plug of the vacuum cleaner and… knocked your face. It was a hard knock, I know because it was a hard cry, and the trick of you not crying when I laugh and cheer definitely would not have applied here. I rubbed a little Zam-zam on your face and recited salawaat and, Alhamdulilah, you were fine again. So, now, I don’t vacuum until your Dad comes home. Even when you’re sleeping it’s not possible to vacuum because the noise wakes and frightens you. So, ya, you don’t like the vacuum cleaner, but since I’ve left it in the middle of the living room I see you’re making friends with it. I’m not sure how you’ll feel when I switch it on though.

Most times you cling to me and love being in my arms, but if I dare make you do something you don’t feel like doing, uh-uh, you’re out. You literally find an opportunity to free yourself from me and flee, like when I’m dressing or undressing you, or when I’m changing your nappy, or, sometimes, when I’m making you sleep and you’d rather be on an exploration crawl. What a mission! This afternoon… It was nap time and I was trying to make you sleep but you wriggled yourself out of my warm arms and crawled off. You were just outside the room and I heard another big shout. You hurt your eye a little in an attempt to climb the bathroom door, and now you have a small, red mark near your eye. 😦 That was your worst fall but, Alhamdulilah, you didn’t cry long.  Zam-zam, salawaat and Mommy’s warm embrace and, Alhamdulilah, you were fine again.

Clearly not much has changed with you in terms of adventure and persistence, like you just had to pull the signal plug of the TV earlier, even after I had taken you away from it countless times. You broke it. Your Dad fixed it.

Still climbing over things and pulling yourself up against whatever can, or can’t, support you. What can I say, you’re a little adventurer. I just have to be more alert as everything around you calls out fun and adventure . You’re also taking assisted little steps. Your Dad helps you walk by letting you hold onto a plastic stool as he pulls it forward. You’re able to walk quite well like this and for a long time.

Your favourite thing to eat right now is plain yoghurt. I try to sneak in some pieces of banana which you don’t seem to mind much, Alhamdulilah.

MashaAllah, we’ve been told since your early clinic visits that you are indeed a very strong little boy, and, Alhamdulilah, you prove it time and time again. The other day, you actually used one hand to push the plastic table in the kitchen, where on rests the toaster, kettle and two-plate stove, along with some other small things. One hand! One small, baby hand! I was shocked. You’re not allowed to crawl in the kitchen anymore. It’s the only room that we can’t baby proof so, instead, we’ve locked it. So, unfortunately, that’s the forbidden room.

Something you haven’t really been interested in is watching TV/videos. That has changed. You are now quite intrigued with the videos we play for you from the laptop and sometimes your eyes are fixated on the TV screen.

Indeed, you do test my patience at times. Sometimes I’m convinced you’re challenging me, like when I say, “Don’t throw your food on the floor.” Of course you just have to test the waters and do it. You actually carefully move your hand over your feeding tray, while looking at me, you hold it right there when I say, “Don’t!” and then you let it go and just stare at me. Lovely.

This week you’ve been learning how to give and receive. When you’re in the mood, you do this quite well. We give you something and you hand it back when we ask for it. You’re also eager to share your food, the cutest thing, okay, one of the cutest things. You put something in your mouth, like a biscuit, for example, and then you offer it to your father and me as well, letting us all take turns eating. You had done this before, but not to this extent.

Well, that’s as much as I can remember of your latest tricks. I can hear you waking up for a midnight snack (breast milk) as I end this off…

This is what you’ve been watching lately. You love it.

With love,

Crawling, eating and everything else

My Dear Son,

Over the last few weeks you have improved your crawling skills, Alhamdulilah. You now crawl with your upper body lifted, not sliding on the floor anymore, unless you’re feeling a bit lazy. 🙂

You’re also using things to pull yourself up a lot. Your dad puts pillows behind you so that if you topple over, you land nicely on a soft pillow :). You don’t love walking like you used to though :(.

You have been hanging onto my clothes a lot lately. Sometimes I don’t even see you there. Once or twice I moved while you were clinging onto my dress and then you lost your grip and slipped a bit. Nothing serious though, Alhamdulilah. I’ve lost count of all the small falls and knocks here and there. All part of growing :). You still follow me to the bathroom and cling onto the door, shouting for me to come out. The problem with that, aside from me being unable to use the bathroom in peace, is that, one, you could fall when I open the door, and, two, you don’t understand that for me to come out of the bathroom you have to let go of the door. So, it becomes a bit of a tricky situation.

I don’t know if separation anxiety is back or if you’re just going through a demanding phase, but it’s again become a bit difficult to leave you on your own. Not as bad as before though. So, Alhamdulilah. Now, you don’t cry as much, but scream for my attention. And you just want to be picked up all the time.

You don’t like your toys much. Not interesting enough for you. So I can forget about appeasing you with rattles and cars. You prefer the top tech stuff, like laptops, phones, remote controls… So I’m looking for a broken laptop, phone, remote control to give you… It’s not easy to find.

We had our first visit to the paediatrician a few days ago. But you don’t really like the doctors here. We had your blood taken to check your iron level. What a commotion! My boy can really scream! At the end of it, you were wet with sweat! And so was the nurse! Shame, that poor nurse! So, apparently, you have low iron, my baba, and you need to pick up on those kilos. So, I’m working really hard to get you to eat. You have a very small appetite. I would mostly just feed you as you wanted as I feared that if I force fed you you’d consequently attach negative things to food and eating. Recently, I even started letting you self feed with finger foods. But, now, it’s serious stuff. I want a chubby, healthy baby. So, since yesterday, I’ve been force feeding you. Not pleasant, but doable. After every spoon, you scream at me, but, Alhamdulilah, you don’t spit out, the food goes down. I feel like we had a little chat through all the screaming though. It’s like you’re telling me, “Okay, Mommy, you’re the boss. I don’t like it, but I understand, you’re the boss”. Lol!!!

I have to explore more variety foods for you, but since yesterday, we’ve gone back to purees. It’s easier to force feed with pureed foods :). At least once a day I think you should have a pureed fruit or vegetable.

Today, we went to the clinic for your measles vaccination. Even in Arabia different doctors say different things. We met a nice Indian doctor, I think you like him because you seemed very content in his room. He says you’re fine, your weight is fine, all you need is extra iron. Mmmm…

On a lighter note… I absolutely love that you come and find me in the middle of the night when you wake up. You don’t scream and cry much, you simply crawl from your room to mine, which is right opposite yours. We leave both your room door and mine ajar so it’s easy for you. You then open the door further and crawl out and in :).

A quick note on your teething progress… Little Mr. Tooth No. 1 and 2 are well on their way :). Alhamdulilah, you’re not teething badly at all. 🙂

With love,

Teething, Day 2

My Dear Son,

Day 2 of teething. My heart breaks to see you so listless and unsettled. I wish that little tooth would introduce itself already. It’s sharper today so it’s coming. You lay in my arms as I type this on my phone, warm and fidgety in your sleep. I have to be extra careful because you wake at the slightest move I make. You’ve been laying in my arms all day, on and off the breasts, pretty much like yesterday. You fight with your father and I when we try to give you any medicine. We can’t win the fight when you’re so sick, so we’ve decided to just let you be. I think it’s okay because, Alhamdulilah, your temperature is fine. I wonder how much longer before Mr. Tooth No. 1 comes. I hope it’s not going to be like this with every 20 milk teeth. I feel so helpless :(. Your dad says this is just the beginning. We still have chicken pox, measles and I don’t know what else down the line! May Allah, Most Compassionate, grant us sabr (patience). Ameen. On the up side, Alhamdulilah, we’re still able to make you smile and laugh occasionally, when you’re not feeling too down and out, and you’re still eating :), you shared a bite or two with us. So that’s all positive, Alhamdulilah. 🙂

Maybe Mr. Tooth No. 1 will come tomorrow. 😉 Ameen!

With love,

Bring on the Pancakes! :)

My Dear Son,

The time has come, Alhamdulilah! Bring on the pancakes! 🙂 That first little tooth is finally emerging. Yesterday, you put my finger in your mouth, as you sometimes do, and there it was, a pointy piece of a bottom tooth. 🙂 InshaAllah, we hope to meet Mr. Tooth No. 1 soon. I don’t know how long it takes to shoot out, but I’m guessing around a week.

Yesterday, you were fine, Alhamdulilah, your normal happy self. Today, though, I can see the symptoms coming. You’re clingy, a bit crabby, restless yet very tired, and feverish. Last night you didn’t sleep well and you’re refusing to let me put anything on your gums, but, Alhamdulilah, you still open your mouth for some biscuit snacks and, Alhamdulilah, you accepted a bit of oats this morning. But, overall, it seems the breasts are the ultimate soother, Alhamdulilah. May Allah, Most Compassionate, make this an easy and quick time for you, my baby, Ameen.

With love,

Aah, the lessons you teach me…

My Dear Son,

On the 16th September you will, inshaAllah, be 7 months old. Already, you have conquered so much, learned so much and done so much in the few months of your existence: smiling and laughing, rolling over from your tummy to your back and vice versa (shoo! I have to keep a fixed eye on your roly-poly moves. Many times you’ve nearly rolled off the bed!), uttered your first words  (mama, dada, baba, papa, paf, aa, a), almost able to sit completely unassisted (you can do this now for a short while), eating and tasting a variety of flavours (though you had an early but brief introduction to this at 4 months and you took to it nicely), grasping, banging, dropping your toys (we sometimes make you pick them up yourself) and switching them from one hand to the other.  SubhanaAllah! Your world is an exploration free of fear or limits. May Allah, Most Merciful, protect you always. Ameen. You will inshaAllah be crawling soon, teething, walking, talking… I anticipate your many surprises to come. I excite at the blessings you will bring. I look forward to the many lessons you will teach me. Ameen.

Aah, the lessons you teach me…  I know that it is actually Allah, Most Merciful, teaching me through you, my son; and it is through Allah’s Love and Mercy that I am recognising and learning the lessons you teach me.

Since your birth, I have learned about patience and appreciation. You teach me to not rush too much, to not rush your progress, to appreaciate your journey. To value you as unique, too special to be compared. You have taught me to appreciate the different people in your life, the people that love you and want only the best for you.

Since your birth I have learned more about our Allah, Most Merciful, about my salaah, about my connection with Allah, Most High. SubhanaAllah! You teach me about Allah all the time. You teach me that though I love you so and worry about you all day and night, Allah, Most Merciful, is and will always be more important. Allah is Greater than my worry. You teach me that Allah, Most Merciful, is your Babysitter when I am with you and when I can’t be.

I remember and forget some of the lessons, especially the ones about connecting with Allah, Most Merciful. Though I understand the lessons, it is difficult to always practice them because my mind is often busy worrying about you. But Allah, Most Merciful, is All Knowing and Wise.

As I put you to sleep through words of remembrance of Allah, Most Merciful, you help me to constantly keep Allah alive in my mind and on my lips. Just another one of the ways you bring me closer to The Ultimate Love.

You are sleeping now, so soundly. I am so careful not to wake you as you are still learning to fall asleep on your own. May the angels be with you always. Ameen.

With love,