Bye-bye, Separation Anxiety! ;)

My Dear Son,

There’s always so much happening in your day. Alhamdulilah, you are now crawling (in your unique kinda way) at a super fast speed, climbing on things, over things, up things and down things. You are kneeling on your own, supporting yourself upright on your knees, changing positions: from sitting, to laying, to crawling, to kneeling… Over your last few ‘ordinary’ days much more has happened…

About two days ago you stood up on your own while supporting yourself on a pillow against the wall. You stood like that for about 3 seconds before falling backwards and landing in my arms, Alhamdulilah. You’re very eager to start standing up on your own. InshaAllah, we’re going to get you something to lift yourself up against soon. You’ve been testing different items in the house, looking around for something solid and high enough to support yourself against. As it is, the house is an open space for you to crawl and play, baby safe, and at the same time sunnah driven – we sit and eat on the floor. 🙂 But we forgot that you need motivation and challenge. So we’re going to get some tables and chairs.

Last night, during supper, you fell back, on your head (first time), while both your father and I were sitting right there. You missed the carpet and fell, bang, on the tiled floor. Your movements are so swift, you’re everywhere! So much so that neither your father nor I were quick enough. Shoo! It took you a second or two of big-eyed staring and then you exploded with tears. It was a hard knock but somehow I think it was my shocked reaction that had most of your tears going. Next time you fall, I’ll try applauding and see your reaction. 🙂

Alhamdulilah! 🙂 We’ve said bye-bye to separation anxiety, for good, I hope. I’ve been able to leave you playing by yourself whole week, while I salah, wash the dishes or grab something to eat. I’m not yet comfortable doing bigger chores or showering while I leave you by yourself, but Alhamdulilah, I’m extremely grateful that you can sit by yourself for short periods. Yesterday, you even turned around, leaving me behind, while you trailed after your father’s footsteps. Alhamdulilah! 🙂

You are currently your father’s biggest source of laughter. He was overtaken by laughter when you got yourself stuck behind a camping chair one evening, insisting to get to him through the chair, not understanding the logic of going around the chair. Ai, and your father just keeps saying ‘reverse! reverse!’ in fits of laughter, rather than getting up and helping you, which he did, eventually, after he was exhausted from laughter. Aah! You give me endless things to write about! Your dad says this is just the beginning of your many comedy shows to come. We’ll wait with excitement and cheers in the front row. 🙂

While we’ve happily said goodbye to separation anxiety, we have sadly welcomed back sleep deprivation 😦 You just have to sleep on the breast. Ai. The thing is though, sometimes you can’t fall asleep at the breast, but, at the same time, you don’t want to be rocked or be put to sleep any other way. What am I to do? Last night, you screamed like crazy. Alhamdulilah, your dad calmed you nicely into Dreamland. You were so nicely falling asleep without the breast for some time and now we’re back to sqaure one. So now we’re trying our version of ‘sleep training’ again – sometimes hard rock, sometimes slow rock, sometimes walking, sometimes jumping (whatever works at that moment) and thikr. Today seemed to have gone better than the last few nights, Alhamdulilah. May it get better, Ameen.

Tonight is your first night in your own room. 🙂 It feels so peaceful in your room, Alhamdulilah. Just the recitation of Al-fatiha playing. 🙂 Sweet dreams, my little angel.

With love,

Photo: You may not have your finger on today’s political pulse,But you know with one glance when your child’s got fever,You may not take up arms in the cause of holy jihad,But when teaching your children their dua’s you drill like the best of military sergeants,You may not know the current economic climate boom time or recession,But you make the best nourishing meals with whatever rizq Allah has decreed,You may not know complicated laws of the country,But you make sure your children know right from wrong,You may not move in elite circlesOf high society,But your children are taught manners, respect and correct Islamic etiquette,You may not be at the forefront of technology, discovery or even philosophy,But the Quran and Sunnah are sufficient guide added to your common sense and practicality,You may not be at the height of fashion,But modesty and simplicity becomes you Quite comfortably,And your family is clothed respectably,Your role is clearly defined,Doubly refined,Not merely to cook and clean,Or even to earn a living,But to nurture tomorrow’s ummah,No small featNo wonder Jannah lies beneath your feet(


Separation Anxiety

My Dear Son,

It’s been a while since I last wrote, much has happened though. We are now living in Arabia, Alhamdulilah. Daddy, you and I.

Daadi, Mama, Papa and your aunties and uncles are all missing you back home, wondering if you are missing them too. I don’t know if you are. I don’t know if you realise that we have moved, that we are in a different place, that there are people missing from your everyday. You seem to be adapting well though, Alhamdulilah. You are also sleeping more peacefully, Alhamdulilah. You are developing well, MashaAllah.

37 weeks old. Right now you are refusing to let me put you down. Somehow we’ve landed back to sleeping on the breasts (probably from the time you were sick). You have always hated being alone but these days I can barely put you down before you start crying a heartwrenching cry. Two words come to mind. Separation anxiety? That’s what the ‘experts’ call it. Babies don’t understand the concept of leaving and returning. So, when I leave you, you think I’m never coming back. My dear son, how do I reassure you that, when I leave you, as long as Allah (SWT) wills, I will always return to you, I haste to return to you. What I don’t understand is, each time I come back, does it not help you understand that I will always come back, inshaAllah? But then again, the experts say your memory is incomplete at this stage. So, does that mean you don’t remember me leaving and coming back? Mmmm… Oh, well… I just have to keep reminding myself that this stage too will pass, just like the latching difficulties and the runny popo nappies soiling your good clothes after nearly every feed. Just as those phases have passed, this will as well. Ameen. May it be sooner rather than later. Ameen.

With love,