One of Those Days

My Dear Son,

Fun, right? Okay, there’s no water in there. But, still… Fun, right? I mean, for a 14-month-old (one week away from 15 months). You’d think it would be a little fun. Like 2 minutes fun. Maybe even 1 minute fun. But, noooo. You just walk right pass it. And, a lot of the time, pass all your other toys too. Like you have nothing to do, so bored, itching to scratch in things you shouldn’t, and throw over things you shouldn’t.

Alhamdulilah, there’s very few things that are hazardous for you in the house. I can actually count just 2 things that we need to say “No!” for – the TV and the plugs section next to your Dad’s side of the bed. The kitchen you’re not allowed to be in. But, those are exactly the things you go for when you get the chance. Now and again you’ll actually listen to me and turn around. The section next to your Dad’s side of the bed – we created some kind of barrier that worked very well until a few days ago when you took the whole thing apart effortlessly. Ma shaa Allah, you’re one strong little boy.

Our pass few days have been very bored and listless. Your Dad thinks it’s because of the hot weather. I think it’s because I just don’t feel like playing.

Today, I’ve tried to put you to sleep so many times. I think you’re on your way to Dreamland and then you get right up… to play…? Nooo. To moan and nag. I know you’re tired but everytime I try to make you sleep you just get up. Again… and again… and again. :-l Now, at the end of the day, I finally have you falling asleep in my arms as I write this. So, I gather bedtime is not going to be easy… now that you’ve had a late nap.

But, okay, I feel better now. I’m not so kuku anymore. Alhamdulilah. Now the question is, will you let me put you down? At times like these I should really just remember this:

With love,


No More Poo! Yeah! :)

My Dear Son,

840 wipes.

80 nappies.

2 weeks.

That’s pretty much what we’ve gone through after our Malaysia holiday. Phew! Alhamdulilah, we’re now back to normal days in Arabia.

Just over 13 months old. What’s new? You’re taking more and more little steps, Alhamdulilah. A few days ago, your Dad came up with a little game where we dangle something in front of you, usually your toothbrush, (after he struggles with you as he brushes your teeth), and use it to motivate you to walk to us. So you end up walking between your Dad and I until you get tired, or we do :). You prefer to leap and run though as you get so excited. 🙂 It’s a nice before-bedtime routine and much fun 🙂 and it’s really helped you gain the confidence to get those feet one before the other. You are standing quite confidently on your own these days Alhamdulilah.

Linguistic comprehension. Dada, Mama, Papa, Baba, Daddy, Chicha (Dad’s brother), there, three, hamdulilah (somewhat), hello and some repetition of words you hear.

You can say ‘hello’ and put your hand – or whatever item is in your hand – by your ear as if on the phone. Sometimes you even babble an actual conversation. You like to take my cell phone and put it by your ear as well, when you get the chance. I don’t know how or where you learned to do this.

You understand clap, wave, kiss, but sometimes get confused.

Play. You play more by yourself these days Alhamdulilah, making a lot of noise as you crash one item into another. The other day it looked as though you were cooking, lol, as you used a plastic thing to crush some invisible stuff in a container. You also like playing with your spoon and plastic container. It’s amazing how these simple play things entertain you. Just the way you play too is amazing. Such simple play.

You continue to be very analytical in your playing, fitting different things together, figuring out how things work, how they open and close, like zips and keys in keyholes (the other day you were getting so frustrated because you couldn’t figure out how the key works). It is something I would like to remember for years to come inshaAllah. Perhaps it’s a special skill we need to nurture.

Mischief. Toilet paper rolls, tissues, things being knocked over. A super fast mischievous little explorer on the lose. The other day you knocked over your Dad’s drink before he could catch it! You’re continuously trying to reach for things, like shaking your drawers to get the items on top to fall, just as long as you can get to it, or pulling the blanket to you in order to reach those tissues on the bed. Analytical thinking, I’d say. You also have a super fast eye for seeing things you shouldn’t, like when we’re trying to hide something from you. You know just when to look!

You’ve got this new habit of eating cement and/or paint that you scratch off the bottom of the walls. Ai! Everything goes in the mouth. I have to be really quick to get to you before you swallow.

Alhamdulilah, you are getting used to me ‘ignoring’ you as I perform salah, as long as I don’t take too long. I think you realise when I’m in the tahiyyat position that I’m nearly done. You tend to get impatient at this point. But Alhamdulilah, things are much easier now.

We look forward to many more little steps and joys to come. Ameen.

With love,