It’s been so long…

My Dear Son,

It’s been so long since I’ve last written. I barely have the time or energy these days. Much has been happening Alhamdulilah. You are now one week away from 19 months old. You are growing and learning so much Alhamdulilah.

Since the last time I wrote, you’ve been to Makkah and Madinah and thoroughly enjoyed yourself with all the family (Mom’s side and Dad’s side). You went with your father right to the Prophet’s (SAW) grave, Alhamdulilah. We did not take you on any umrahs this time round though as it was very hot and full. We left you with your grandparents, Alhamdulilah. It was so nice to be able to do that.

A few days after saying goodbye to the family in Makkah, we met up again back home in Cape Town. On the flight to Cape Town you were so good mashaAllah. You were the ultimate social butterfly, walking up and down the aisle,  talking and playing with all the people. They all loved your company! 

On one of our flights to Madinah though, it was the complete opposite! Shoo! What a nightmare that flight was! For all of us! You were shouting uncontrollably! We think you were overstimulated from all the sweets people had given you at the airport… Anyway, you seem to be quite the traveler since then, Alhamdulilah. 🙂

In Cape Town, you were quite the showman! You loved all the attention and people around you. You slept better (next to your Daadi) and you ate better too! Alhamdulilah! You definitely are a social boy.

Your three most used words these days are: more (taught by Papa), hot (taught by Daadi) and water (taught by Phoepoe) :). The word ‘more’ you use correctly most times, but ‘hot’ has become any and everything dangerous or bad, like when you knock your head against the wall. The wall then becomes ‘hot’ (I try to then use the opportunity to teach you the word ‘hard’, to no avail). ‘Water’ has become everything you could possibly drink. 🙂

The most recent big recording I have to make is your weaning off the breasts, Alhamdulilah. It didn’t take long. On the morning of 23 August, after breastfeeding you for a long time and still not getting you to sleep, I was exhausted and told your Daddy, today is the day. Your Daddy then tried to put you to sleep, to no avail. You knew what you wanted. You knew we were not giving it to you. You understood well what was happening. I also told you at one stage, “No more milk” and pointed to the breasts. So, the screaming, shouting, kicking and throwing things started and went on whole day basically. The next day wasn’t that bad, you just kept pulling at my tops, trying to get to what you wanted. Now and again you would vent out again. Nap times were the worst. You were only allowed one feeding a day, it was just before bed. I would breastfeed you to sleep. And that was it. Even if you woke in the night, which you still do, you just got cow’s milk from your sippy cup (now just water). After four days of just one night feeding every night, I replaced that with milk, sometimes Pediasure. You were absolutely fine. I think at this point you were  over the whole milk deal. 🙂 Three days and nights went by with absolutely no milk and I thought this must be it. And it was! Alhamdulilah. Took you about four days (and a lot of dua!) to say bye-bye to about one and a half years of attachment. Alhamdulilah! 🙂

Now, the next challenge awaits us as you take off your pants, stick your hands in your nappy, pull at your nappy, take off your nappy… Aaaaah! Drives me crazy! Your Dad has started putting you on the toilet once every night just before your bath.

The other thing we’re slowly conquering is you being able to be on your own for short periods, like when I need the bathroom. Before, I was never able to close the door because you would then shout and cry hysterically. Now, we are slowly getting there. I’m just letting you cry a bit sometimes. Earlier though, you were so determined that you managed to open the door on your own! I didn’t even know you could reach! So now I have to lock the door.

Besides reaching door handles though, you are able to stand on your little chair and open your room’s door with ease (something your Dad taught you). You’re also giving me a hard time as you grab anything you can think of to use as a step to get you places you can’t yet reach, like Mom and Dad’s bed.

You are becoming a big little boy now, Alhamdulilah. Moreso because you are going to be a big brother soon inshaAllah. Yes, we will soon welcome a new little bundle to our family. Ameen. And you will be showing your sister or brother all the tricks. 😉

With love,



10 Months Old Today!

My Dear Son,

Today, Alhamdulilah, you are 10 months old, crawling everywhere and holding onto anything that could help you stand. May Allah (SWT) protect and watch over you as you challenge yourself with those daring tricks. Ameen.

At 10 months you love scratching out things under the kitchen table, probably because that’s the only place where there are things for you to scratch out.

Your best skill, I think, is something your dad taught you: opening and closing small containers. And when we put some yummy snacks inside, you carefully lift the lid and nicely sit and eat.

You’ve certainly improved in your ability to make yourself heard. You scream as soon as I set foot out the door, whether your dad’s there or not. You cry and shout as if something happened to you. Really!

Sometimes you repeat what you hear us say, shouting out bits of utterances in your own little way. You can call your dad, it sounds something like “da-dee”. Can’t quite say “mo-mee” yet. The other day though, over Skype, I’m pretty sure, you said “un-ty ka-ya” or something like that. Made Aunty Kaya’s day!

Your favourite thing to eat these days is cucumber. You like to hold it whole, like a stick.

You prefer your dad to make you sleep, unless I let you doze on the breast, but your iron supplement (which you’ve been taking very nicely Alhamdulilah) is the last thing you have at night and you’re not allowed to have milk for at least an hour afterwards. So, Dad to the rescue!

Your teeth are coming out nicely mashaAllah. Four at once, if not more. The two bottom middle ones are half way out and the two top middles are on their way. The one on the right side is ahead. Four teeth coming at once and, Alhamdulilah, you’re not in any discomfort or pain, just a bit of drooling.

As far as eating goes, about two days ago, we bought you follow on formula in the hope that, in addition to breast milk, it could give you the vitamins and nutrients you need, especially iron, and make you fat. I felt hesitant about giving you formula and doubted that you’d take it. I should have listened to that feeling because, just as I’d thought, you refused to drink it. Uh-uh, you will not compromise breast milk. It just so happens that I later read that all your nutrition and vitamins, at least until you’re 1, is in breast milk. Any food you eat before 1 is just extra, even unnecessary. How could formula or anything else compare to the barakah and blessing of breast milk? Indeed, breast is best. It seems you knew that better than I did. Once again, I have learnt a lesson that you taught me.

With love,