One of Those Days

My Dear Son,

Fun, right? Okay, there’s no water in there. But, still… Fun, right? I mean, for a 14-month-old (one week away from 15 months). You’d think it would be a little fun. Like 2 minutes fun. Maybe even 1 minute fun. But, noooo. You just walk right pass it. And, a lot of the time, pass all your other toys too. Like you have nothing to do, so bored, itching to scratch in things you shouldn’t, and throw over things you shouldn’t.

Alhamdulilah, there’s very few things that are hazardous for you in the house. I can actually count just 2 things that we need to say “No!” for – the TV and the plugs section next to your Dad’s side of the bed. The kitchen you’re not allowed to be in. But, those are exactly the things you go for when you get the chance. Now and again you’ll actually listen to me and turn around. The section next to your Dad’s side of the bed – we created some kind of barrier that worked very well until a few days ago when you took the whole thing apart effortlessly. Ma shaa Allah, you’re one strong little boy.

Our pass few days have been very bored and listless. Your Dad thinks it’s because of the hot weather. I think it’s because I just don’t feel like playing.

Today, I’ve tried to put you to sleep so many times. I think you’re on your way to Dreamland and then you get right up… to play…? Nooo. To moan and nag. I know you’re tired but everytime I try to make you sleep you just get up. Again… and again… and again. :-l Now, at the end of the day, I finally have you falling asleep in my arms as I write this. So, I gather bedtime is not going to be easy… now that you’ve had a late nap.

But, okay, I feel better now. I’m not so kuku anymore. Alhamdulilah. Now the question is, will you let me put you down? At times like these I should really just remember this:

With love,


Almost 1

My Dear Son,

SubhanaAllah. Sometimes I stare at you in sheer amazement. My little boy. I have a little boy, Alhamdulilah. Staring eyes, a searching face, a loving embrace, a gift of purity, a gift of love.

Ten days away from 1 year old, Alhamdulilah. At 1, you’re swift in your movements, able to stand on your own for short seconds but the confidence is not yet there. You’re still eyeing, grabbing, scratching out every little thing that you shouldn’t. You don’t care for alternatives as much as I try to place them in front of you, the thrill of chasing after what you shouldn’t is just too enticing. (I have a small trick that doesn’t work as often as I’d like though: sometimes I pretend that I don’t want you to do something or touch something, and then obviously you have to go and do just that. And then I think gotcha! Hahaha! Keeps you busy for a bit.) Your Dad and I were saying it’s like you just can’t help yourself. The curiosity is just too overwhelming. I heard somewhere that the most curious and interesting people in the world are babies and philosophers. I can only imagine the mischief when you start walking! Oh, gosh!

We’ll be going to Makkah and Madina soon inshaAllah. We’ve been trying to make you familiar with the Kabah by playing the Makkah channel on TV everyday and saying “Kabah” while pointing at the Kabah. You seem to think we’re just being weird. Lol!

So, at almost 1 year old…
You can still fit into 6 month old clothes.
You still like olive oil. (Now I take a spoonful every night as well. We just have to get your Dad on board now.)
Still like oats, cucumber, got a thing for juice through a straw.
Your new favourite: fruit salad with strawberry yoghurt.
You’ve got six teeth. You hate brushing them.

You don’t have a very big appetite, but you eat when you feel like it and I’m fine with that. You still prefer breast milk above all else.

You still sleep on the breast. And I’m fine with that too.

You still come crawling from your room to my side of the bed in the middle of the night. Most nights I’m too lazy to get up and tuck you back in your bed so you sleep between your Dad and I half the night.

You still like seeing yourself in the mirror. And you love watching videos of yourself. As soon as you hear us playing a video of you, you come rushing.

You have on and off days of being a good patient with taking your vitamins. One day, I noticed that it helps whenever I get all excited and say, “I’m going to tell Daadi and Mama and Papa what a good boy you are!” 😉 And then you immediately lay still and swallow. No mess.

You like hearing your own voice. You particularly enjoy trying out different throaty sounds.

You still repeat what you hear us say, like when you sneeze, and we say “Alhamdulilah”, you say it too, your version of it anyway. 🙂

One thing I particularly love is when you say “Daddy” ,or sometimes you just say “Da”, but we know you’re calling your Daddy. When I’m putting you to sleep, for instance, and you hear the door opening, no matter how quiet your Dad tries to be, you turn your head and say “Da” or “Daddy”. So cute, mashaAllah. Sometimes it does get a bit frustrating though, all my hard work to get you to sleep and then off you crawl to Daddy, saying “Da, Daddy, Da” as you march off to welcome your Dad home from work. 🙂
I’m still waiting for “Mommy”.

And… I kept the best for last. You know how to clap and wave!
I say, “clap” and you clap. 🙂 So cute, mashaAllah. It’s the first word you understand and are able to put into action. It’s actually an incredible thing, subhanaAllah.

It started a few days ago. I’d clap every time you took a spoonful of food, you’d then also clap. And then one day I wanted to record you clapping for your Aunty Kaya but you just would not put those hands together. The next day, you just randomly started clapping. And then, when you were eating, you just heard me say “clap” and before I could clap, as I usually did, you beat me to it! Now, after every spoonful of food that you swallow, you applaud yourself. You also have random moments where you just start clapping, like when we’re changing your nappy or putting you to sleep. Sometimes I just try to ignore you so that you can doze off already. You’re so proud of your new ability though. Alhamdulilah.

With love,