Hello there! 🙂 Assalamu’alaikum! (May the peace and blessings of God be upon you!)

So here’s where I tell you more about me. Me is… Oops, sorry, that’s baba talk. Let me start again.

I am a twenty-seven-year-old, Muslim, South African, first-time, stay-at-home, mommy to a curious little boy, Alhamdulilah (all thanks and praise to God), currently residing in Saudi Arabia. That’s a mouthful! I have been married for 3 years (2009), Alhamdulilah (thank God), to an amazing man I adore more and more, day after day. In my spare time, I read up on mommy things, baby things and I write letters to my son, among other important things.

I’ve started this blog, inspired by our little boy, in the hope that, one day, when he reads these letters, it will help him appreciate his Creator, his Islam, his life and his parents. Moreover, writing these letters have helped me reflect, gain perspective and keep sane, as I record my son’s latest magical moments or my latest passive outbursts.

I’m just a mommy trying to figure things out, finding a new hobby in blogging, learning to multitask, (like breastfeeding my baby to drowsiness while typing this post on my netbook ;)), constantly in a hurry, messing up here and there and everywhere and constantly asking Allah (God), Most Merciful, for a whole lot of patience.

That’s me … (in a page) 🙂


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