So many questions

My Dear Sons,

Z, you have been asking me a lot about Jannah lately. Nearly the whole morning today consisted of questions and talk concerning Allah (Swt) and Jannah. Sometimes I wish I could instantly press the record button when you ask the questions you ask. I’ve tried to record what I can remember of our conversations…

This morning, you asked me:

Mommy, where is Salallahu alayhi wasalm?
In Jannah, with Biscuit Naani.

Then you asked me:

Mommy, where is Jannah?
High up in the sky.

Will we take an aeroplane to get there?
No, special, magical angels will come fetch us.

When Mommy?
It could be a long time from now. You might be a very big boy already. Big, like Daddy.

You began packing a bag full of all the things you’d like to take with to Jannah, despite me trying to explain to you,  again and again, that it won’t be anytime soon (inshaAllah).

Mommy, can Allah count? (as you took out your Monopoly money that you got in the aeroplane)
Yes, Allah can count.
I’m going to give Allah my money in Jannah.

Mommy, do I have to bath in Jannah? (again)
Only if you want to. In Jannah, you can do whatever you want to. Whatever makes you happy.

Somewhere in between, I overheard you telling T something about going to Jannah:

T: I’m scared
Z: Are you scared for Jannah?
Z: Don’t be scared, Allah will look after us. Allah will take care of us.


Mommy, why does Allah make people die?
Everything belongs to Allah. We are all Allah’s children. You are my child, but me, you, Mama, Papa, all of us, are Allah’s children. Allah put us here to see how we will be with each other, if we will be kind to each other and so on. And then, Allah will call us back.

Will Mommy shout at me in Jannah?
No, my angel. Everyone only talks nicely in Jannah.

May Allah (Swt) guide me and you towards a clear understanding of His miracles. Ameen.

With all my love,


3 thoughts on “So many questions

  1. Aah! LOVE IT. I don’t know if I’m happy crying or sad crying right now. Miss my babies.

    I hate this new phone’s keyboard. It doesn’t give me emoticons to express myself with. Only in WhatsApp. Because the emoticons are in WhatsApp. Outside of WhatsApp I have no face emoticons. 😦 Except the boring basics. Alas.

    So there were supposed to be many emoticons in that first crying/laughing/happy/sad bit.

    Anyway. I can’t choose my favorite part. They’re all my favourite. I love that boy’s questions! Mā shā Allāh. But this one:

    “Will Mommy shout at me in Jannah?
    No, my angel. Everyone only talks nicely in Jannah.” (Laughing emoticon)

    Stop shouting at the boy, man! Lol lol! And no big, scary eyes in Jannah.

    And I LOVE that he packed a bag for Jannah! That is SO him.

    Love it. Tell him I love him.

  2. Assalaam wa alaykum
    Reading this post makes one realise how insightful children are. They think about everything. I’m all teary right now. Our little big guy is growing up so fast. I’m not surprised he’s asking all these questions. That’s so like him. Wise beyond his years masha Allah. May he always be in the obedience of Allah and a great role model for his siblings insha Allah.

    May Allah guide you, Galeema and bless you with beautiful patience for all the questions yet to come insha Allah. Love and miss you guys. Hugs and kisses to the boys….mwah!

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