A compilation of beneficial Ramadhaan links.

Raising Rayyaan


With Ramadhaan just a few weeks away I have been trying to plan the activities for all 30 days before hand toΒ  try and save as much time as possible.

The last thing you want to do during the blessed month is run out of ideas to keep the kids occupied or involved, which will result in lost time looking onling for ideas, when you could be spending your time on much more rewarding things.

So i thought i would compile a list of beneficial links to Ramadhaan activities ranging from healthy date pops to ramadhaan site words and masjid collages, to help other mothers who wish to use their time wisely.

πŸ•‹ Preschool Ramdaan activity book-


πŸ•‹ 49 ways to get children involved in Ramadhaan-


πŸ•‹ 30 days of good deeds for a Ramadhaan jar-


πŸ•‹ Ramadhaan colouring pages


πŸ•‹ 30 day Ramadhaan activity. An…

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