Almost 1 and Almost 3

My Dear Sons,

Time has gone by so quickly, Alhamdulilah. I haven’t been regular with writing to you. Both of you have developed so much already, Alhamdulilah.

At the moment, we are staying with Mama and Papa. Daddy is still working abroad. InshaAllah, we will be together soon. Z knows where Daddy is, and why, but, of course, still has moments when he misses Daddy a lot. T, on the other hand, doesn’t understand or realise that there’s a person missing from the circle, I think. T will be one soon, and Z will be three, inshaAllah.

Right now, Z is at Montesorri preschool. He had started preschool around August last year, attending three times a week. Now, he goes twice a week.

T is sleeping as I type this letter. InshaAllah, he will be walking soon. Yesterday, he took a step or two on his own. Your aunt says it wasn’t his first steps alone though. T loves walking when I hold his hand. He loves taking a small chair, or whatever he can grasp, and pushing it to help him walk, making a loud racket while he’s at it. T is one feisty, loud, determined little guy, mashaAllah. May Allah (SWT) protect his resilience and liveliness. Ameen.

T is not afraid to get what he wants. He absolutely does not allow his smallness to be any factor, whether it’s grabbing a toy from his brother or cousins, or whether its getting that biscuit from the table, he’ll get it with focus and strength. Yes, he’s already showing off his muscles.

T loves feeling everything with his mouth. MashaAllah, he’s quite good at distinguishing what is food and what is not, besides for sand. He prefers putting his own food in his mouth.

T thrives on love and attention. He loves being picked up. Give him a hug and he’ll smile his his four-teeth-smile (two top middle, two bottom middle) for you. He doesn’t like being left alone and, at this stage, is not yet able to play much on his own.

At the moment, of my biggest challenges with both of you is independent sleep, sibling bickering, occasional toddler tantrums, and brushing teeth. But, what’s a mom to expect, right? Alhamdulilah. 

Z is doing so many different things these days, like collecting fascinating objects as we go on walks, washing dishes, playing with his cousins, baking play dough cupcakes… Alhamdulilah.

Yesterday, before bath and bedtime, Z and Mommy took our regular walk. This time, we took along an empty water bottle to store all the interesting things Z usually finds. Usually, his hands are so full that he looks at his hands and then at me, as if he is in such a dilemma. Then he asks, “How will I hold Mommy’s hand now?” So, yesterday, Alhamdulilah, we brought along a bottle. The first thing spotted was a pine cone, but even the smallest pine cone didn’t fit in the bottle. Z went on looking for smaller things and checking if they fit, picking up feathers, stones, sticks, flowers, sand, small little interesting things that I don’t know the names of… We ended up stopping and picking up more things than actually walking this time. We also saw a dead mouse along the way. Z learned that a mouse is small and a rat is big. We also had some dogs bark at us very loudly. We both felt that they had given us a skrik (a fright). Z said they were barking because they couldn’t get out.

Z is also welcoming a lovely new world of imagination and wonder. Enter Froggy and Rabbit, and sometimes some other friendly imaginary animals. I sometimes use Z’s imaginary friends to help him to cooperate.

‘Why?’ is currently Z’s favourite and most frequently used word, and I love it! Alhamdulilah.

Both my boys are learning so much, so quickly. Alhamdulilah.

May Allah SWT protect your beautiful minds. Ameen.

With love,