Where’s Daddy?

My Dear Son,

Finally, your little head is resting next to me, and your baby brother on the other side. Today, your Daddy left to work in Arabia. Alhamdulilah, after being back in Cape Town for more than a year, Daddy got a job in Jeddah again. Daddy explained to you, before he left, that he would be leaving, but that he would be coming back soon to fetch us. Your little mind seemed to understand it then and even proudly said that you would take care of us while Daddy was away. Now, though, all you’re asking is, “Where’s Daddy?” It breaks my heart to see the confusion in your little eyes, and I wonder what’s going through your growing mind as, after moments of silence, you suddenly ask again, in a soft voice, “Where’s Daddy?” I know though, that you understand much more than I think, as you echo what you’ve heard your Dad and everyone else tell you: “Daddy went to Jeddah and to Makkah. Daddy’s coming back to fetch me.” Your amazing brain, mashaAllah, just needs time to piece it all together.

Your little brother, on the other hand, is still too small and unaware to know exactly what’s happening. When you were smaller, like him, people were already coming and leaving your world many times, as we travelled often. Your Dad has also had to leave on his own several times. Your Daadi has also gone and come back.  I see that, as you grow, these changes in your world affect you differently. You are now about two months away from three years old. At about two and a half years old you started attending Montessori preschool, adapting quickly and loving every bit of it, alhamdulilah. You are now at an age of maturing perception, growing awareness and needing consistency. I see it is now that these changes affect you more than they have before.

My dear sons, inshaAllah, you will learn that this life will be filled with people entering and exiting your life. People will come and go. Some will come back. Some won’t. In the end, every little creature is put in your path to teach you a lesson. Even that little goga (insect) that you’re so afraid of at the moment. 🙂

May you pass the lessons life throws at you, even if some lessons take you longer to learn than others. May you pass in the end. And may Life’s teachings make you stronger individuals, with bigger hearts. Ameen.

With love,