Oooooh, that Temper!

My Dear Son,

It seems that temper hasn’t left since your infant days, or is it resurfacing? A few days ago, you learnt what it means to sit. Usually – if you’re not in your feeding chair, which is quite often since you started walking – you stand around me clumsily when I’ve got food, sometimes almost knocking the food over or causing a mess, while waiting for me to put the next spoonful in your mouth. So, the other day, I thought it’s high time you learn to sit and eat. And, Alhamdullah, it just took a few seconds to teach it to you! Within seconds, you got the message that you needed to sit before I’d put food in your mouth. How happy was I! But… now… that temper… and stubbornness. The next  day, you actually made me doubt whether you really understood the whole concept and association of meaning because you just refused to sit. I said, “Sit” and you just would not. As soon as I began thinking maybe you didn’t actually grasp the concept after all, while, at the same time – in the hope that you might sit – saying, “Sit. sit. sit”… What did you then go and do? You gave a big squealing shout in annoyance, plopped yourself down in frustration, accepted the food in your mouth, then got up again leaving your mother in amazement. Now that’s attitude. At fourteen and a half months. So, all along you were just being stubborn. Oh, and that temper! I wonder where you inherited that from? Definitely not from your father.These days I’m beginning to see the truth in what they say about children understanding more than what we think they do! Eish!

May Allah, Most Compassionate, erase that little temper as the years go, and may Allah, Most Patient, bless me with the patience to know how to handle your different temperaments and tantrums. Ameen!

With love,



2 thoughts on “Oooooh, that Temper!

  1. Ah shame my sister. Would it help if I told you it gets better? I used to say that tantrums means that my child is alive and it is perfectly normal – I have read, heard and experienced it enough to know that it is a fact. But it’s not always going to be like that. He is learning (well, not learning now only – they know this from birth already) that he can test the boundaries and an action from him will cause a reaction from you so he’s testing and seeing what’s going to happen in I do this and that and how far can I go…Make it fun and you’ll both be a little less frustrated. And always use consequences…but in your case it’s going to be a bit difficult to keep his food from him as a consequence, because you want him to eat. Think of another (immediate) consequence that could be effective. I think you can start the time out chair at this age – I will check for you. IA. Hang in there. You are an awesome mommy and you are doing a fantastic job alghamdulillah.

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