Toddling, Brushing and the Beach :)

My Dear Son,

14 months old. SubhanaAllah. I watch you sleep, look at your face, your hands, your legs, your feet… How you’ve grown maa sha Allah :). I miss you when you’re sleeping, even though I know I need you to be sleeping because I need a break, but, I miss you being awake at same time. I’m enjoying and loving your company so much more as you grow into a beautiful personality maa sha Allah. May Allah, Most Compassionate, bless you with honorable traits as you grow into a little man, Ameen.

A quick update…

Yesterday, you got your first pair of walking shoes :). Yes, you are now officially a toddler, not a crawl in sight.

Maa sha Allah, I love your sense of humour. It just seems to be getting better as you grow. Like, in the week, you were standing on your Dad’s and my bed, (you love being on our bed) facing the mirror. You looked at your reflection and kept offering something to your reflection, finding it so amusing. I don’t know what was going on in your little head! Lol!

Something you do that’s not so amusing to me at the moment though is when you pull out my hair. Yes, you not only PULL my hair, but you pull it OUT and then find it so amusing, laugh, and nicely hand my hair back to me :-l. It’s not at all funny when you’re doing it, but later, when I think about it, I can’t help but laugh at your innocent humour. I think your Dad finds it funnier than you do. :-l

These days you love opening and closing doors and playing with door handles.

You like giving hand shakes.

You absolutely hate us to brush your teeth. You don’t mind doing it yourself, but obviously can’t do it properly. So, we’re forced to force you. 😦 It’s as unpleasant for us as it is for you. We’ve tried so many different things to make it more endurable. I play videos for you as your Dad brushes, I sing and dance and go all wacky mad. We’ve tried giving you some inspiration by showing you videos on Youtube of other babies brushing their teeth. But as soon as the brushing starts, uh-uh, nothing else matters except that screeching protest. We get the job done though, hopefully it’s done properly.

On to something lighter… A few days ago, you did something that convinced you Dad you’re a genius! You peeled your own banana, broke it in half and nicely ate it :). You just saw it lying there all lonely and decided, since no one is giving it to you, you might as well help yourself to it! Hahahaha!

You enjoy the beach. Here’s a photo of you and your Dad at the beach, watching the sunrise. 🙂 

With love,


Step 1, 2, 3… These Feet Were Made For Walking… :)

My Dear Son,

Yes, those feet were made for walking, and, Alhamdulilah, that’s exactly what they’ve been doing since 31 March (about 13 and a half months old). 🙂

I think you were just waiting for your Dad to come home from work because on the evening of the 31st, walk is all you did, much more than you were walking during the day. Your Dad said it’s as if it happened overnight, like you just decided today is the day! From 3, 4 steps to, “here I come!”

I don’t know when exactly you stopped crawling, but I’ve noticed yesterday and today you didn’t crawl, maybe once or twice. It’s a whole new world again! 🙂 I have to be extra alert.

Right now we’re watching videos. I try to let you watch videos of the Arabic alphabet and Arabic numbers everyday as well as play Surah Al-Ikhlas regularly in the hope that, in shaa Allah, this will make memorisation easy for you. I’ve also started playing the 99 names of Allah SWT. Earlier you were quite enjoying learning new words on a video of Baby Einstein, which you weren’t interested in before. I hope I’m not letting you watch too many videos. I think it’s a better alternative to TV though.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this in earlier posts, but you’ve finally befriended Mr. Vacuum Cleaner. I’m now able to vacuum worry free :). You like to press the button on and off. Not always funny when I’m in a hurry. You’re not too fond of Mr. Blender though. Lol. If he squeals too much you get annoyed. I guess you don’t like too much noise, unless you’re making it ;).

I’ve been running out of ideas to keep you busy and entertained. So I looked up some fun things ( and it’s worked Alhamdulilah. Such simple things that make you happy :). All I did was take empty water bottles, which we have soooo many of, and fill them with different things to create different sounds and colours. I filled one bottle with pieces of foil, another with rice, another with coconut and another with tumeric water (due to lack of food colouring ;).) And voila! We have a happy, entertained boy, despite the fact that he does have two boxes of toys as well. But it’s the little things that count ne ;). Tomorrow, in shaa Allah, you’ll have a bubble bottle (with dishwashing liquid), a coin bottle and maybe a paperclips bottle :).


You’ve perfected the “Where’s he, where’s he?” game, even modified it. 🙂 You also randomly initiate the game yourself. And, my favourite – something your Dad taught you – Alhamdulilah, you raise your hands in dua when you see us performing salah, especially at the end of salah, and when you hear Arabic :). Ma shaa Allah.

May Allah SWT guide, protect and watch over you as you explore a new view of His world. Ameen.

With love,