Teacher and Learner

My Dear Son,

Patience. Beautiful patience. I make dua that I truly learn the lessons you teach me about patience.

Right now the biggest test of patience for me is changing you nappy, then having you undressed and dressed, then accepting your phase of absolute NOISE. May Allah instil sabr in me. Ameen.

Indeed, you are more of a teacher to me now than I am to you. May I heed the lessons you teach. Ameen.

On a lighter note, as you play, I often think about the kind of learner you are. So, I want to note a few things for the future. You have this deep concentration, with a frown on your forehead, when you’re playing and trying to figure out something, like fitting a new container and lid. You like to have someone present, even slilently present, when you’re playing. If you’re not sure about how to do something with a particular toy or item, or if you want me to play with you, you nicely offer me the toy, as if saying “Show me” or “Play with me” :). If it is something you don’t yet understand, you offer me the toy again and again to see how I do it until you understand and are able to do it. Otherwise, you give it a break and maybe try a bit later. I often have to show you different ways of playing with your toys or get excited about your toys before you do. You get excited about doing something you know you shouldn’t, like going for the TV, TV plugs, going into the bathroom, unrolling the toilet paper…

MashaAllah, you have a brilliant mind subhanaAllah. May we always find ways to feed your curiosity. Ameen.

With love,


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