New experiences and adventures in new places!

1 year and 2 weeks old. You’ve gone into a whole different phase since turning one. Boy, do you make yourseld heard! Especially when you don’t like something or when you’re demanding something. We’re lucky if we get a moment’s silence here and there. You’ve got this new thing of actually shouting full blast when you don’t get what you want. May this phase pass quickly, Ameen.

Alhamdulilah, on the 16th Feb (your birth date) we completed our first umrah with you. (Your second overall umrah though if you include womb time ;)) It was one of the best umrahs, Alhamdulilah. Your Daddy made it very easy and enjoyable for me. He carried you most of the time. It was late at night and you were very tired but your inquisitive nature kept you mostly awake. You stared at the kabah and at the people making tawaf as you rested your drowsy head on your Dad’s shoulder. You were very well behaved throughout, Alhamdulilah. Just at the very end, once we had completed our umrah, you got impatient and started shouting. So, we left the Haram immediately. No chance to sit or for you to play around the Holy grounds. Next time for sure though, inshaAllah. You did have a nice, peaceful nap in the Haram though, as we performed salah.

You also met your Daddy’s good friend, Uncle Niezaar, for the first time and fell asleep exhausted and comfortably in his arms as he carried you through the crowds in Makkah.

After a few days in Makkah, we visited Malaysia for 10 days (also your second time here if you count womb time). We were in Kuala Lampur and Sha Alam, but most of our time was spent on the beautiful island, Langkawi. We took boat rides to isolated islands and beaches. You played in the sand and splashed your legs in the water. You enjoyed the sun as you hiked up and down the stairs, through the trees, on your Daddy’s comfy shoulders. We enjoyed rides in cable cars, taking in the hum of the forests and the splendour of the sea view. You saw many different animals and creatures, birds, snakes, crocodiles, as we visited the wildlife farms. Everywhere you went your cuteness, mashaAllah, attracted the attention of people. On the plane home especially, you were so friendly and overexcited, not to mention loud and out of control, fighting sleep and fighting your parents! You much rather preferred being wide-eyed and giving goofy smiles to all the pretty ladies looking your way.

Alhamdulilah, what an adventurous holiday! We all got back to Arabia a few days ago with phlegmy, coughy throats though. But, Alhamdulilah.

So, now we’re back home in Arabia. Your latest skills? One, two… three! Yes, you can say “three”! You can also reply, “there’s he!” when we say, “where’s he?” And you still continue to repeat what you hear us say, but since your Daddy taught you “three!” that’s all you say most of the time. Like when you learned to clap, it’s all you did! Lol!

Your appetite mashaAllah has improved. I’m very happy and grateful for this Alhamdulilah :). Since turning 1, you have grown super fast. You’re able to stand and walk small steps but I think as soon as you realise you’re not holding anything, you quickly grab for something.

That’s it for now :).

With love,


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