What kind of learner are you?

My Dear Son,

I read somewhere that observing and noting down what kind of learner you are now, will be helpful to you when you start school inshaAllah. So, I want to tell you about the kind of learner I think you are, so that when, down the line, you struggle with those plus and minus sums, we’ll know how to handle it.

I’ve observed that, when you struggle to succeed at something, you don’t persist at it. You leave it. You amuse yourself with something else. Then, a few minutes later, you go back and try again. Sometimes, after several attempts of leaving it and going back to it, you get it right, sometimes you don’t and just forget about it. Like when you were getting the hang of opening and closing plastic containers (which is still your favourite thing to do). I thought you had given up as you dropped the container and crawled away, but a few minutes later you went right back, picked up the little container and persevered. Good memory there too, hey. I was amazed that you actually remembered that you had left the container behind you and that you hadn’t yet achieved opening it.

I’ve observed that you don’t thrive on or expect praise once you’ve accomplished something. You actually seem to look at your dad and I weirdly when we clap and cheer for you, as if saying, “What’s the big deal, Mom and Dad?” I think you do appreciate a bit of encouragement here and there though.

I have observed that you become really proud of yourself on discovering or accomplishing some things, like when you realised that you could scratch in your baby bag and pull out different things. You displayed a proud grin upon finding your soccer rattle your Daadi bought you. You looked at me as if to say, “Look what I found. I’m so clever.” Scratching out your baby bag has now become another favourite. Now that that’s caught your attention, I realised I have to take out potentially hazardous things and replace them with fun things to keep you busy.

I’ve observed that you are one curious little guy (or maybe that’s just a baby thing). Your dad calls you ‘Curious George’ (an animated monkey). Nonetheless, (as your Daadi says), when we say “No!”, you seem to think “Go!”. I try to distract you from the things I don’t want you to touch, but, your good memory, mashaAllah, just takes you right back.

I’ve observed that when you fall, you don’t immediately cry, unless it was a really hard and really unexpectant knock. I don’t know if you’re first waiting to see my and your dad’s reaction or if it’s just coincidence, but, when you fall, we usually cheer and laugh, and then you’re all good. Sometimes it’s so unexpectant though that I delay at the cheers and laughter because I got a shock just like you, and then you cry.

I’ve observed that you like to always be included. You like us to constantly smile and laugh with you. You’ll even fake a smile and laugh just to get one from us, or just to please us (I’m not sure which it is.) I guess you love acceptance and entertaining.

Lastly, I’ve noticed that you’re still very jittery and sensitive. You startle, and sometimes even cry if your father or I raise our voice. Your dad says you get this from him and I say you get it from me. We were both very sensitive growing up. I guess we’re just one little sensitive family.

That’s as much as I’ve observed thus far, my little Curious George :).

With love,



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