Oh, Patience, Where are You?

My Dear Son,

Today was just one of those days when I just needed some time to myself but you would not let me step away from you to even use the toilet! You literally hang on my dress, and bang and hang on the bathroom door, moaning and demanding my full attention. And when I say full attention, I mean FULL ATTENTION. So, today, Mommy hasn’t had a bath, hasn’t changed her clothes, hasn’t brushed her teeth, hasn’t cleaned the house… and she’s holding on to that little bit of patience.

Alhamdulilah, the day’s come to an end now as I hold you in my arms and watch you drift off to Dreamland. Aaah, some quietude. And now I suddenly miss you being awake… clingy and naggy, but with that magical smile when I look your way. And now I feel horrible for my annoyance and little patience. 😦

I think what’s missing is a solid schedule. Since we came to Arabia, your routine has faded more and more and now it’s lost in the desert. We have to get that routine back. And I have to make you take your naps so that I can take a break. So, tonight, your father and I will work out more structure to your days and find a way to make you so exhausted by nighttime that you sleep well. InshaAllah.

May Allah, Most Merciful, increase me in patience and inspire me with innovative ideas to create a full, fun-filled routine to your days. Ameen.

With love,

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