Teething, Day 2

My Dear Son,

Day 2 of teething. My heart breaks to see you so listless and unsettled. I wish that little tooth would introduce itself already. It’s sharper today so it’s coming. You lay in my arms as I type this on my phone, warm and fidgety in your sleep. I have to be extra careful because you wake at the slightest move I make. You’ve been laying in my arms all day, on and off the breasts, pretty much like yesterday. You fight with your father and I when we try to give you any medicine. We can’t win the fight when you’re so sick, so we’ve decided to just let you be. I think it’s okay because, Alhamdulilah, your temperature is fine. I wonder how much longer before Mr. Tooth No. 1 comes. I hope it’s not going to be like this with every 20 milk teeth. I feel so helpless :(. Your dad says this is just the beginning. We still have chicken pox, measles and I don’t know what else down the line! May Allah, Most Compassionate, grant us sabr (patience). Ameen. On the up side, Alhamdulilah, we’re still able to make you smile and laugh occasionally, when you’re not feeling too down and out, and you’re still eating :), you shared a bite or two with us. So that’s all positive, Alhamdulilah. 🙂

Maybe Mr. Tooth No. 1 will come tomorrow. 😉 Ameen!

With love,