Your World

My Dear Son,

Today, I looked at you and I thought, What world will you grow up in? Today, a day of injustices and malice, it doesn’t matter whether you are 7 or 70, people are killing people like flies, and I think to myself, this is your world, this is the world in which you were born. This is the place you will grow up in. SubhanaAllah. Only Allah, Most Merciful, knows… In the end, we are all mere creations following a Divine Plan. May Allah, Most Merciful, continue to shelter you from the evil of this world. May He, Most Merciful, keep your soul pure, from beginning to end. Ameen. May He, Most High, help us show you a world of love and understanding. May we always be able to make your home a safe abode, an escape from the world outside and a remembrance of Allah’s Mercy. Ameen.

With love,


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