At The Dentist

My Dear Son,

Yesterday, I went to the dentist. It was your first time at the the dentist, even though it wasn’t an actual visit for you. I needed to extract my wisdom tooth, the last one that was left. As I laid on the reclining chair alone in the dentist’s room, I had time to think. So, I thought about you. I thought about all the experiences you have ahead of you. Some of which neither your father nor I will be able to really help you with. Events like first days, making friends, competitions, exams, wisdom tooth extractions…

And now I’m getting ahead of myself and thinking about right down the line… institution applications, job applications, marriage proposals… Okay, I need to stop right there. And when the time does come, I need to remember the famous quote: “Love is in the letting go” and I need to know what to do: continue to make dua.

This morning, after you awoke, the first words that came from your sweet lips were “Mama mama”. 🙂

As you laid in my arms, just a few minutes ago, before I put you down for your nap, I gazed at you with sheer pleasure. Such peace and contentment you have over your face as you enter Dreamland.

May I always carry and cherish all these little memories of you. May you always fill my heart with joy. Ameen.

With love,



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