Oh, That Temper!

My Dear Son,

You certainly have a temper going there, hey. You just have to have your way. And I just have to find a way of gently throwing that temper out the window. Your Mama (maternal granny) says you get your stubbornness from me. Your Daadi (paternal granny) says she could see your feisty temper way back when you were admitted to the hospital. You were very temperamental then already, yes. Very impatient too, even with the nurses. You would scream at them if they took a second too long to cup feed you. You would throw the cup out of their hands when you became frustrated. One sister in particular called you ‘little old man’. She tried real hard to help us get you to latch, but you would just scream whenever you got near my breasts. Her last attempt kind of worked though. And I think this somewhat initiated the process of you eventually latching. She inserted into your mouth a syringe or pipe with expressed breast milk, while simultaneously getting you to latch. Alhamdulilah, now you can’t get enough of breast milk (just as your Daadi predicted) so much so that I had to train you to not sleep on the breasts. Sometimes you still get your way.

May that temper vanish into your toddler years. Ameen.

With love,


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