Endless lessons

My Dear Son,

You help me to be a better Muslim, to lead a better Islamic life; thus, to follow a complete way of life.

You add purpose to my days.

May we be your role models, walking in the footsteps of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), so that you do not have to look further than home to find good examples, love and an understanding of your deen (Islam).  May we make our beloved Prophet Muhammad a living example in our home.

As the days go by, there’ll be much more that you will teach me. As you grow, there will be endless lessons your father and I will teach you. Ameen. I pray that, as your parents, we never fail the lessons you teach us. I pray that we are always willing to learn from you. I pray that we are patient when teaching you. I pray that the Prophet (peace be upon him) will always be your foremost teacher. May he (SAW) always be alive in your life. I pray that the angels never leave a room that has your presence in it. I pray that Allah, Most Merciful, facilitates your every action. I pray for your ultimate success. Ameen.

With Love,


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